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Photo Gallery

ALPACAS & LLAMAS ALPACAS & LLAMAS Photo opportunity Never miss a chance to get a photo with a cutie like this one. 191404905 Another photo opportunity More pics with this very well behaved cria who was just in for a face trim. 191404906 Shorn llamas 3 performing llamas we shore for Lennon Brothers Circus 191404897 Removal of the blanket Shearing in Dorrigo 2013 191404898 Can shear anywhere This is one of the portable alpaca restraints using the battery unit running from the car 191404899 One big blanket! Giving a weather his first clip in over 3 years 191404900 Ready and waitng A group of alpacas penned up ready to be shorn. 191404901 Another one down Shearing a yearling cria 191404902 Waiting for the storm to pass The day might start out sunny but how things can change! 191404903 Ground shearing Shearing a lovley white female in Melbourne 2013 191404904 196993861