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Pest Management Options

Pest Control Options:

  • Shooting
  • Baiting
  • Trapping
  • Exclusion Fencing

Vertebrate Pest Management


Wether you are protecting livestock and pets, or you lush lawns and vegetable gardens we are here to help. We offer a wide range of management and control methods for everything from rabbits in the garden to wild dogs, foxes and even deer on the farm. We tailor a plan that's right for you and your situation. Trapping, Baiting, Shooting and Exclusion Fencing are just some of the services we can provide. Work can be carried out on a per job basis or we can lock you into a flexible management contract which insures regular visits, capped pricing and most of all results! Work can be carried out on a bounty or per hour basis so you can be confident upfront exactly how much a particular program will cost. We also offer our mobile butchering services to people who should like to make the most of their pest animals such as deer, goats and rabbits and utilise harvested game meat. In some cases we will even pay you to harvest your pest animals! 


Shooting is a very effective way of eradicating pests as it is quick, clean and there is no risk to non target species. All shooting is carried out by licensed professionals who are trained in the safe use of firearms and the humane dispatch of vertebrate pests. Various caliber firearms are used depending on the situation and the type of pest being targeted. If shooting around pets and livestock only small caliber rifles with quiet, low velocity ammunition are used. All shooters are fully insured and covered with public liability insurance.


Baiting is used in situations where shooting and trapping may be unsafe, unpractical or there is a risk to non target animals. Baits can be buried and placed in purpose built bait stations to reduce the risk to non target species and are then monitored to keep track of hot spots and what is actually taking the baits. Animals such as Wild Dogs, Foxes, Rabbits, Pigs and Pest Birds can usually baited with great success.


Trapping is a useful tool especially in urban areas where firearms and baits may not be able to be used. Traps can be set can checked daily and do not require any further interaction unless set of or if they need to be baited. Both foothold and cage style traps can be used. Cage traps are particularly useful in urban areas where neighborhood cats may pose a risk of being caught. If they are the door can simply opened and the animal released.

cc_USFWS Pacific Southwest Region


Sometimes the best option when controlling pests is to keep them out. Although this may not be practical around an entire boundary it can be useful in areas such as lambing paddocks or chicken enclosures. If you are unable to control the pests or if they are coming onto your property from someone else’s farm this may be you only option.

We offer a full range of Vertebrate Pest Control and Management options. We can provide information about the type of pest and the best way to manage it as well as any rules and regulations that may apply.

For any information or enquiries please go to out contact page and we will be sure to help.